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  • If you are a journalist with a media enquiry, please contact Pfizer New Zealand Media Relations.
  • For general enquiries, please contact us on 0800 699 276 or 09 3543065.
  • To submit a medical enquiry, please click here.

Pfizer New Zealand Head Office

Level 1, Suite 1.4, Building B, 8 Nugent Street, Grafton, Auckland 1023, New Zealand Tel: 0800 699 276 or 09 3543065.

Industry regulations do not allow pharmaceutical companies to offer information or advice on the diagnosis of disease or choice of therapy to consumers or patients. Please contact your doctor or healthcare professional for this information or advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a consumer purchase medicines directly from Pfizer?

Prescription medicines are dispensed to consumers/patients who have a valid script for the medicine. Pfizer is not licensed to dispense medicines to patients. Prescription medicines can only be provided to you by a doctor, hospital or pharmacy.

I have received a lot of mail offering Pfizer products, how can I stop this?

Regrettably, unauthorised persons generate spam mail fraudulently claiming to offer Pfizer products, and in some cases representing itself as coming from Pfizer. Please note that Pfizer does not send out unsolicited email. To help reduce this type of spam email you may wish to ask your internet provider about spam filters or you may wish to report this to the Department of Internal Affairs Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit who are based in Wellington. You can submit a report to them for investigation using the orb.

We apologise for any inconvenience that spam mail may have caused you.