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Patient Support Programmes

At Pfizer, we believe it is very important for people to take a proactive approach to managing their health. That’s why we’re developing resources to help people further understand their illnesses. a site for people wanting to stop smoking with information on nicotine addiction and how Champix can help people kick the habit. A series of short video clips make learning to quit smoking easier, with helpful information on preparing to stop smoking, stopping smoking, and staying smoke free. provides patients using Enbrel with an on-line resource hub.  The site provides information on:  joint and skin disease, how to safely use and store biologic medicine and provides links to broader support for these patients. this site provides support to people stopping smoking. Users can set up a personalised support programme that includes emails, texts and learning resources over a 24 week period. The information and support contained within this programme helps people to learn how to be a non smoker and to beat the addiction to nicotine. find out more about your pain and how to manage it. Take the pain test, an online questionnaire that you can print off to help describe your pain to your doctor. a consumer website offering parents information about pneumococcal disease and the pneumococcal vaccine, Prevenar 13. a program designed to help you manage Haemophilia better. The Tracker Factory features a purpose built iPhone app that makes tracking your infusions and bleeds so much easier. The iPhone app is free for you to download from the iTunes App Store or via the website. provides information about erectile dysfunction and treatment options that are available to patients, as well as all you need to know about Viagra. The site also includes two handy, quick self tests that can be done online to help you discuss erectile dysfunction with your doctor.