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Our history

Pfizer has a long history of innovation in healthcare and research, across the world and in New Zealand. 
In 1961 Pfizer began operations in Auckland. Many of the diseases that significantly impacted the lives of Kiwis at that time can now be managed through medication because of the hard work and commitment of Pfizer people, and others working in the health sector.

Every day we work to ensure Kiwis can reliably access existing, new and innovative medicines and vaccines, that are being used to treat some of the most challenging conditions of our time.​​​​​​​

Pfizer in New Zealand

2020 Spin off of Pfizer’s Upjohn business to create a new company with Mylan called Viatris
2019 Spin off of Pfizer’s Consumer business into a Joint Venture with GSK
2016 Acquisition of Medivation boosting oncology expertise
2015 Acquisition of Hospira, establishing New Zealand’s largest range of sterile injectable products
2014 Acquisition of Baxter’s vaccines portfolio
2013 Spin off of Pfizer’s Animal Health unit, Zoetis
2012 Sale of Pfizer Nutrition
2009 Acquisition of Wyeth expands biopharmaceutical portfolio
2006 Sale of Pfizer Consumer Health
2004 Acquisition of CSL Animal Health
2003 Acquisition of Pharmacia, gaining pain management medicine Celebrex®​​​​​​​
2000 Acquisition of Warner Lambert, gaining Lipitor®​​​​​​​
1995 Acquisition of SmithKline Beecham’s animal health business
1993/4 Triple rollout of major new medicines: Zoloft®, Norvasc® and Zithromax®
1980s Discovery and launch of the world’s first patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) device
1979 Acquisition of G-Chem
1977 Launch of sustained-release drug ‘Eryc’ (enteric-coated pellets of erythromycin)
1961 Pfizer New Zealand established
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