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Our Purpose

At Pfizer, we are proud to be part of an industry which helps to treat, cure and eradicate life-threatening diseases. 

Our patient-first approach sees us playing an active role across New Zealand’s healthcare spectrum and supplying a wide-ranging portfolio of over 300 quality medicines and vaccines into the country. 

From undertaking clinical research locally, working with patient organisations, healthcare professionals and government our focus is on improving the health of Kiwis by enhancing access to new, innovative and long-established medicines and vaccines to extend and improve life. 

We are actively involved in developing new cost-effective solutions in an effort to provide greater value to patients and the wider healthcare system.

We aim to be a responsible supplier by reliably providing hospitals, pharmacies, and other customers with a good range of high quality products such as small molecules, vaccines, highly complicated biologics, off-patent or generic medicines and biosimilars - at fair prices. 

Since 1961, our people have worked together with our partners in New Zealand to ensure reliable and fair access to our quality products - we are proud of our history and look forward with enthusiasm to the future.

Our Purpose

Innovate to bring therapies to patients that significantly improve their lives.

Our Mission

To be the premier, innovative biopharmaceutical company.